Sustainable commitment

from Jardins Aquadesign

Our company’s mission being to create  Québec’s most amazing water gardens, a profond respect of the environnement animate us. We are therefore committed to leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible during our activities.


Here are some examples of how we are doing:



  • Close trip planning
  • Carpooling of employees
  • Regular maintenance of the fleet and machinery



  • Maximum reuse of materials on site when redoing existing water gardens
  • Conservation of excavated soil on the project to create the waterfall mound
  • Use of local stones and river gravel when possible
  • Rigorous maintenance of pumps and equipment to extend their service life
  • Waste management; reuse, recovery and recycling


Water, soil and air:

  • Protection of existing soils and plants during the works
  • Establishment of natural mulch at the end of the works to prevent soil erosion
  • Rainwater harvesting system to maintain water level in ponds and irrigate the flower beds
  • Planting windbreaks to minimize water evaporation



  • Use of native plants; climate, insect and disease resistant with low maintenance requirements
  • Track and control invasive or alien aquatic species
  • Creating vital aquatic ecosystems for local wildlife