Everything you always wanted to know about water gardens…
but were afraid to ask!


Please send us your questions about water gardens and we will answer them here.

Does the water always have to circulate to maintain a balanced ecosystem?

To maintain a balanced ecosystem and keep the water clean, purifying bacteria in the filters need a constant supply of oxygenated water. Consequently, it is important that the water circulates constantly by means of a stream or waterfall during the summer.

How many fish can I put in the pond?

A simple rule to remember: 2.5 cm (1 inch) of fish for every 90 square cm (one square foot) of surface area in your pond. Remember that little fish grow into big fish! This rule applies only to fish less than 15 cm (6 inches) long due to their weight and girth.

What is the ideal pond depth?

The vast majority of ponds that we build are 60 cm (24 inches) deep. In winter, water freezes only 20 cm (8 inches) deep due to the insulating properties of the soil around the pond. Goldfish and Koi do very well at this depth.

What is the difference between Goldfish and Koi?

It’s very easy… have you ever seen a Goldfish with whiskers? Koi, also called Japanese Carp, have whiskers (barbels) that they use to dig in the gravel and mud in search of food. Mature goldfish reach 30 to 35 cm long, while Koi can grow up to 60 cm long.

Should the fish be fed regularly?

After a long winter, it is a good idea to feed the fish a little to restore their strength. During the summer, they can find enough food in the pond to feed themselves. In the fall, they need to be fed so they can build up a reserve of fat to help them through the winter.

Should all aquatic plants be fertilized?

Only water lilies, to keep them blooming all summer long! Bacterial activity purifies the water and produces the fertilizer needed by other aquatic plants.

How much space is needed for an AquaBasin?

A standard AquaBasin measures 1.2 m by 1.2 m (4 feet by 4 feet).
You don’t have enough space? The mini AquaBasin measures only 76 cm by 76 cm (30” by 30”).

What maintenance is involved for a pondless waterfall?

Making sure there is enough water! 

What is the difference between a water garden and a swimming pond?

The swimming pond is generally wider and deeper, the center is open and aquatic plants are found only on the periphery. It is also equipped with a more powerful filtration system (wetland filter plus Biofalls).

Can I use a timer for the pump?

Pondless waterfall: Yes, since it is not an ecosystem.
Water garden: No, water must circulate continuously.

How much time should I plan per week for the maintenance of my water garden?

An average-sized water garden requires between 5 and 10 minutes of regular maintenance per week.
Plan on several hours in the spring and fall for a more thorough cleaning of the water garden.