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Wetland filters


Here is the solution for filtering large bodies of water

Swimming ponds, earthen retention ponds or golf course ponds etc. This system is inspired by nature and is very effective in trapping sediments and improving water quality. With the help of beneficial bacteria, aquatic plants remove minerals, organic compounds and contaminants, and thus prevent algae growth in the pond.

Diagram of a wetland filter

Rainwater Harvesting

Your flowers need water but you have municipal watering restrictions!?!

Become self-sufficient with water thanks to a rainwater collection system. We are experts in rainwater management, a challenging environmental issue. Click below for more information.

The earth is called the “blue planet”.

So it’s no surprise that water is so important in our everyday lives. The challenge today is to preserve and to improve the quality of this natural resource so vital to all life. Rainwater is not only a result of rain but also of melting snow and ice. It runs off your roof, your driveway and all other hard surfaces on your property, flows to the street and into the municipal storm sewers.

This runoff could carry harmful substances such as de-icing salts, heavy metals or oil. It ends up in rivers and streams and can have a negative impact on water quality and aquatic ecosystems. Paradoxically, we use these municipal drinking water reserves to water our lawns and gardens.

Collecting and reusing rainwater has many benefits, a very important factor in this era of sustainable development.

  • Water when you want despite municipal restrictions.
  • Have access to a better quality of water for gardening than municipal chlorinated water.
  • Water your garden with rainwater (nutrient rich) and reduce the need for fertilizer.
  • Prevent soil erosion and protect waterways.
  • Reduce the load on municipal water supply systems and control excess storm overflow.

Did you know that one inch of rainfall on a 2000 square foot roof generates 1,250 gallons of water that can be reused?

The same roof can annually generate up to 45,000 gallons of water?
A 10,000 square foot landscaped lot uses up to 3,000 gallons of water each week?

Uses for rainwater:

  • Water your lawn, trees and flowers.
  • Wash your car, patio or veranda.
  • Compensate for evaporation from your pool, spa or water garden.
  • Supply a toilet or washing machine.

Advantages of the RainXchange™ system offered by Jardins Aquadesign:

  • Combines a waterfall or a decorative fountain with an underground water tank.
  • The water is filtered and oxygenated to prevent stagnation and the development of harmful bacteria.
  • Distinct from an aboveground tank, our water storage tank is buried underground and out of sight.
  • What remains visible is a beautiful waterfall that fits easily into your landscaping.
  • By recycling rainwater, you become self-sustainable and reduce the need for chemically-treated traditional water sources.
  • The result : you help the environment! Future generations will thank you!  
Jardins Aquadesign

Ecological Landscaping

To properly complete your water feature,

We also offer landscaping services :

  • Excavation

  • Rock gardens and flower beds

  • Natural stone patios and staircase

  • Trees, shrubs and perennials plantings

We favor the use of plants adapted to local conditions. In addition to requiring less maintenance they are useful for wildlife and pollinating insects.