25 years, 25 outstanding projects

Since 1992, Jardins Aquadesign has created over 280 water gardens.
Among them, many stood out from the pack by their outstanding beauty, originality or the impact on our professionnal evolution. Picking up only 25 was a hard task!

Here they are in chronological order, starting with our very first pond back in 1992 (please note that the projects from the last two years have been left out for now to let them time to mature)…

1992 – Ahuntsic, Montréal, le début d’une belle histoire!
1992 – 
Ahuntsic, Montreal, the start of a beautiful story!

Jardins Aquadesign 1993 Grand Portage
1993 – At the Jardins du Grand Portage with Yves Gagnon. The pump was powered with a small solar panel.

Jardins Aquadesign 1996 Piedmont
1996 – Therapeutic water garden built close to a psychologist office in Piedmont.

Jardins Aquadesign bassin Ste-Adèle
1998 – After a few years of hand digging ponds in the Laurentian rocky soil we realized we needed help from machinery… so here’s the first pond we dug with an excavator in Sainte-Adèle!

Jardins Aquadesign bassin avec ecumoire
1999 – First pond with a skimmer and first 3’ high waterfall! Love those mountain hills!

JardinsAquadesign Journal de Montreal
2000 – This picture was taken by a journalist of ‘’Le Journal de Montréal’’, it was my first appearance in a big daily newspaper. Showing off this great 4’ high waterfall in Morin-Heights!

JardinsAquadesign bassin Aquascape design
2001 – The start of a new era in pond building for us : the very first installation of the complete Aquascape Ecosystem!

Jardins Aquadesign jardin d'eau Morin-Heights
2001 – This water garden made the front cover of the book ‘’ Aménager un jardin d’eau, techniques et conseils ’’. It features a 50’ long stream, located in Morin-Heights.

JardinsAquadesign dans les magazines
2002 – ‘’Photogenic’’ water garden in Saint-Canut this garden appeared many times in magazines. Maison du 21siècle. / Magazine Côté jardins.

Jardins Aquadesign Cascade intégrée Estérel
2002 – Really well integrated cascading waterfall in l’Estérel forest setting.

Jardin aquatique fermette Sainte-Adèle
2003 – 
Farmhouse water garden cherish by the owner’s kids and… ducks! A popular place when we were doing our ‘’Parade of ponds’’ tours.

Jardin aquatique Montréal
2003 – 
Spectacular ‘’photogenic’’ water garden consisting of 2 ponds, 3 waterfalls and a 50’ long stream, all interconnected. Located in Montreal.

Jardins privés du Québec
2004 – 
This water garden built in 2004 is featured in the book ‘’Private gardens of Québec’’ and marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with photograph Perry Mastrovito. It also appeared in the Canadian Gardening magazine.

Cascade sans bassin International Flora
2006 – 
First Pondless Waterfall ever built in Québec at the International Flora of Montreal.

2007 – Located in Côtes-des-Neiges at the base of the Mont-Royal, we baptised this pondless waterfall ‘’the great Y’’.

Jardins Aquadesign Les Sentiers Prévost
2008 –  Les Sentiers, natural cemetery located in Prévost. Open to visitors all summer long. A truly unique eco-friendly park to rest in peace. Video Interview. » 

Jardins Aquadesign cascade sous bois
2009 –Shade garden under tall pines in Terrebonne (consist of 2 ponds, 3 waterfalls, a wetland filter and a 30’ long stream all interconnected).

Jardins Aquadesign, casdace et bassin de baignade
2009 – Our first swimming pond and our tallest waterfall ever : 30’ of drop! Mountainside in Saint-Sauveur.

Jardins Aquadesign bassin baignade
2011 – Tucked in the back of this house in Saint-Jérôme this well hidden small swimming pond is the perfect place to cool off privately during those hot summer days!

Jardins Aquadesign parc Omega
2011 –  20’ high waterfall at Parc Omega in Montebello. Pumps are powered by big solar panels.

Jardins Aquadesign piscine naturelle
2011 – Located in Morin-Heights, this is our biggest lined pond so far : 30’ X 50’. Affectionately baptised the Olympic pool! Of course, it’s a swimming pond.

Jardins Aquadesign bassin Piemont
2012 – Long pond with a shape that hugs this beautiful house in Piedmont. The Gazette »

Jardins Aquadesign Étang de baignade
2012 – First swimming pond with a negative edge instead of a skimmer.

Jardin Signature Aquadesign
2012 – To mark the 20th anniversary of Jardins Aquadesign we (finally) built ourselves a Signature water garden here in Val-Morin. Consist of the main swimming pond of 25’ X 30’, 3 waterfalls, a wetland filter, a negative edge and a rainwater harvesting system. Since then, people have stop telling me ‘’poorly shod shoemaker’’! Video about this project »

Jardins Aquadesign - Cascade Payette
2014 – Pondless waterfal integrated in the surface water management of this property in Saint-Hippolyte. Video about pondless waterfall »